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Yes, I am looking forward to working the steps, because I have had so many issues and secondary effects from my addiction, and even then identifying that i had an addiction, that I have realized I need help. My disclosure and discovery really hurt my wife Carmen, but I was even in denial that this had happened, as I had separated my mind from the reality of my actions, and actually had no remorse. It wasn't until Carmen reached out to my brother, and he came and helped me with a spiritual awakening, understanding of the atonement, and recognition of my own self-worth and ability to receive repentance and lift this burden from me.

As I work these steps, I hope that i am strengthened through my recovery and sobriety process. I hope that I am able to learn the skills necessary to give up my addiction, and that i learn the skills to recognize the harm that I caused Carmen, and how to empathize with her about her hurt, her pain, her realization of the damage I caused throughout our marriage. Most of all, I hope that I can reconcile who I thought I was, with who I actually was. And I hope that I can look back and identify when I was real, and when my addiction was hurting me.

I am afraid that Carmen will not find me worthwhile or of value, and that she will leave me, because the hurt is so bad.It hurts to recognize and make me realize who I actually am.

I think the daily step work will help me grow through and keep my sobriety, work the repentance process, and work on recovery.

Yes, I am ready, I need to turn my will to the Savior. I have so much pain inside me, so much guilt and shame, so much self-hate, that it was eating me up on the inside, I was filled with evil, and I know my actions and how I treated Carmen influenced her health. It was killing her. I can't continue my addiction, it will kill me, and it will destroy my family and destroy my marriage.

The difference is my spiritual awakening, combined with the realization of the damages caused, and the pain and injury caused to Carmen, has caused a mighty change of heart in me.It cannot continue. I am dedicated to daily work, daily self improvement, daily recovery.

I am willing to give up and leave behind my tendency to hide in electronics, to leave behind my hiding, my secrets, my lies, and my lustfulness. I am ready to be vulnerable with my wife, to prioritize our marriage, and to leave behind my selfishness.

I am looking forward to experiencing the 12 promises. I believe the AA Big Book..."Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path." I want to be worthy of the work of the the foundation which I am choosing to do.

That I will be better at living in recovery...not just sobriety but living in positive sobriety. Practicing all the steps in my daily life.
I am choosing to do a more in depth study of the steps thus gaining a deeper understanding and deeper commitment to living a healthy day at a time.
Build trust and Improve relationships starting with my feelings of my connection and standing with God and connection with Rhyll.
Be more enthusiastic about serving...working step 12 and worthy of the work I am choosing to do.

Not afraid of the work but recognize it is my responsibility to choose to do the work. So I must keep my commitment to "just do it" Be a doer.

My experience in recovery has been that the steps work when I work them. When I don't work the steps I am less in tune with God and others. In short...less connected or not connected at all.

I am ready.
I desire to reap the benefit and be a better example of working recovery.

Renewed commitment and I believe the structure of the curriculum will help give me structure and encourage better accountability.

The attitude that I have already formally worked the steps.
The tendency to procrastinate.
The tendency to control others.
Lazy surrender efforts.

This is my second time through the steps. I want to re-assess how I'm doing and also experience the online curriculum.

I've been sober for almost 4 years, but I still struggle with emotional wellness. I'd like to see if I can improve beyond where I am today.

it will be hard and I may need to give up things that I've been holding onto

Consistency is the key to my recovery and something that I've struggled with my whole life

I think I have been for some time now, but want to be sure.

I'll be using the online curriculum to ensure accountability

Whatever it takes








Yes and no. Yes because I'm looking forward to challenging my current beliefs and holding myself accountable, but no because it general can become a triggering and somewhat painful process. But a good painful 😉

I hope to learn something new about myself and my day to day recovery life.

I'm afraid I might not find what I'm looking for or that I'll see much of the same material i've been used to.

Day to day definitely works best for me. It's best to always have a recovery mindset going into each day. I'm not the most consistent when it comes to day to day recovery work, but I even weekly helps. I just want to push myself to be more daily as much as possible.

Definitely. And even though I've done my best to make this decision years ago, I'm willing to do so with a renewed sense of commitment as I repeat the steps to learn something new about myself and my commitment.

Hopefully as I'm starting this new curriculum I will be introduced to new concepts or at least learn something new about myself and my recovery life.

I want to be less cynical. 🙂








I am.

I want to really dig into my emotions and better understand the narratives I've been running in my head for potentially my entire life.

I want to get clear on my thoughts about Becky, Caleb, the other kids, work, and life.

I look forward to making this a "habit" instead of a once in awhile endeavor.

That I learn how to better be emotionally healthy.
That I learn how to "practice these principles in all my affairs."
That I improve my relationship with Becky and with Caleb and with my kids.
That I make "progress, not perfection."
That Step work is one of the ways I improve my relationship with God.

That I will let other things get in the way.
That I won't make this the top priority for my day/life.
That I will let my narratives overpower my intentions to be emotionally healthy.
That I won't know what to do with many of the emotions I'm feeling.

It will definitely help.
It helps me clear my mind.
It gets me self-assessing.
It helps me connect with God.
It helps me take that part of my life seriously and prioritize.

Yes, for sure.
This is deeper than "the addiction."
This is my emotional health, which is the underlying cause of my addiction.
This is the next step in my recovery journey.
This is how I can live a happy and complete life - one connected to God, my closest contacts (Becky and the kids and my parents) and others.
I look forward to taking these next steps.

I will be committed.
I will create a better schedule on WHEN and HOW I plan to work my steps.
I will monitor my progress.
I will be accountable to my sponsor with my Step work.

I work my Steps at either 5:30 a.m. or 7:30 a.m. every day.
I wake up, put on some clothes, and head to my office for Step Work.
I read from recovery literature.
I write out answers to Step work.
I add additional thoughts/feelings in my journal.
I report my Step work activity to my sponsor.
At the end of each night, I leave my computer on to just the SAL12Step site for the next day's work.

This is my plan.

New routine.
New accountability.
New way of digging into my emotions.
New way of looking at and exploring narratives.

I'm not really looking forward or not looking forward to working the steps. I have worked them before.

I hope that I will eventually be free. That is what I want, I want to be free.

I'm afraid I will never get out of my addiction.

I don't know. I have seen it work in the past but I also know that I am woefully inconsistent.

I don't know. I say that I am, but I have not done it so far.

I don't know.

I don't know.

Yes. I want to recover from my powerlessness over lust and am seeking help

My hope is that I am able to detach from the feelings of shame and guilt that more or less got me into the addiction in the first place

I have some reticence over how anonymous this is, but no fear over the results of what may come from doing the work

It should as it is a habit forming behavior when approached consistently

Yes. It nearly cost me my marriage, and I will be working to rebuild that trust for many years as a result

This is the first real action for me to address the problem. Cutting the behavior patterns out worked for a time but I want to do more than reinforce a sheer will effort

Pornography in all forms.