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In this course you will be given a step by step, structured approach to working the 12 Steps one day at a time.

What are the Main Problems the Course Will Solve?

The Women’s SAL 12-Step Curriculum is a tool intended to help you personally work the 12-Steps and receive the full benefits of the program in your daily living. Many people find more success working the program consistently and for the long-term by using the curriculum to guide their Step work.

The curriculum offers the following benefits:

  • Educational videos introduce you to foundational recovery concepts.
  • Step work is broken up into 5-10 minutes of daily reading and journaling, making it easy to work the Steps and make consistent progress.
  • Suggested readings are included from recovery materials for a comprehensive approach to Step Study. *
  • Guided meditations are incorporated to help you work Step 11 and deepen the spiritual connection with the God of your understanding.
  • Recovery discussions help you better understand recovery concepts as you listen to the strength, hope, and experience of individuals who are finding long-term recovery through the SAL12step program.

* materials purchased separately

Two Membership Plans

Women's 12-Step Curriculum (Monthly)

$25per Month

  • – Begins at Step 1 and works you through the Steps one day at a time.
  • – Breaks Step work into 5-10 minutes of Step Study and journaling
  • – S-Anon materials split into small sections to help work the Steps *
  • – Educational videos to introduce you to foundational recovery concepts
  • – Audio recordings with experienced 12-Steppers about essential recovery topics
  • – Utilizes Guided Meditations to help make Step 11 a part of your recovery lifestyle
  • – Journal entries are emailed to you & can be easily printed in PDF format
  • – Cancel at anytime

* materials purchased separately

Women’s 12-Step Curriculum (Annual)

$250per Year

  • – Includes all features of the monthly curriculum
  • – Gives you the added benefit of being able to start at any place and jump around in any way you would like.
  • – Pay for the entire year subscription for a lower monthly rate. No refunds

Course Curriculum Overview

Step 1: 21 Days of Step Study & Journaling

  • Introduction to Recovery Video Series
  • What is Trauma?
  • What is Sexual Addiction?
  • Understanding Betrayal Trauma
  • This is Trauma
  • This is Addiction
  • Recovery Discussions - on addiction & trauma
  • Guided Meditation

Step 2: 17 Days of Step Study & Journaling

  • What is Recovery? (The Recovery Puzzle)
  • Establishing Healthy Boundaries
  • What Does Long-Term Recovery Look Like?
  • Why the Recovery Puzzle?
  • Making Healthy Boundaries
  • Guided Meditation
  • Downloadable PDF Worksheets

Step 3: 16 Days of Step Study & Journaling

  • Understanding Surrender
  • Sponsorship
  • Surrender & Connection
  • This is Recovery
  • Guided Meditation
Taking the steps one day at a time...

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