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Yes, I am happy to be looking to recover my real self. It is the 11th hour for me. I am 77 years old and I have learned much about recovery in my life. But, the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know. I want to know more. I want to be all in. There are many blessings in the 2nd mile. I want to finally ascend to the summit.

I want to plan to succeed. I want more structure. Systematic study will keep me focused on building the new. Systematic study will give me strength at critical times of weakness when I am vulnerable to wander off the path. I want to be able to DO what I KNOW to DO at all times so that I can qualify for baptism. Next Sept/Oct.

I worry that I will not be able to be consistent with daily work. I worry my desire to succeed might fade and that I will digress back into mediocrity. I worry I will slip in a weak moment and ruin by sobriety which by necessity must be perfect.

I am working under the assumption that by doing all within my power to consistently connect with God daily, I will unleash the healing power of Jesus Christ and he will bring me safely to port. He will heal my affirmaties. Step work for me includes real daily prayer which connects me to God, journaling, scripture reading, recovery reading, accountability, honesty, willingness, open-mindedness.

I hope so but please "God, strengthen thou my unbelieve". I have tried and failed more times than I can count. I believe my patriarchal blessing that states that I will "be blessed to live until I have completed my mission on earth." I think that overcoming the "the natural man" is a mission I was given in mortality. The time is now. It is the hour.

Daily consistency, more focus, more application of true principles of recovery. Faith in the healing power of Jesus Christ. Less dependence on the arm of flesh.

Fear of man. Pride.

I'm mixed. I worked the steps before honestly before and feel like I did it all. I am now thinking about the things that I can improve on and new step zero and step one thoughts that I can bring out. It is not something that I am looking forward to. I fear the pain that is forthcoming.

I hope that I can get back to finding hope and peace and the freedom that I used to feel. I have become somewhat numb to joy and hope.

I'm afraid that it won't make any difference or change anything in my life. I'm afraid of this because I don't think I know how to work the steps and that I won't be honest or open enough.

I am so inconsistent in my personal life. I am really terrible at self discipline and don't trust myself to be consistent and follow a daily schedule. But I am willing to try. And I am willing to surrender my inconsistency to God and allow Him to direct my life.

I want to allow God to drive my life. I screw it up when I am at the wheel.

Good question. I am more mature I think, and have an increased ability to focus on what's important.

I can leave behind anything that hinders me. I believe that I can.

I'm happy about doing the steps. I wan't to do them because I want real change in my life.

To be able to have self control from my urges

That I complete all steps and fall back into porn like these steps meant nothing

Consistency is key for me, not getting complacent in just being ok for a day but days that can turn into a lifetime.

That Higher Power is Jesus for me.


Any distractions that can cause me to stumble

Yes, I am. I want to rid myself of the addictions that have plagued me for decades.

I come closer to God and emotionally connected to my wife.

Relapse. Lose everything (wife, job, kids distance themselves from me)

I've already seen progress by setting goals and working toward them daily. I know the curriculum will help me even more to stay focused.

Yes. I reached rock bottom last year and have no desire to return to the lifestyle I was living.

I'm being open with my spouse and open to God. I am inviting God into my life. No secrets.

My sins. My addictions. My former cravings and desires.

Yes, I am. I want to rid myself of the addictions that have plagued me for decades.

I come closer to God and emotionally connected to my wife.


I’ve already seen progress by setting goals and working toward them daily. I know the curriculum will help me even more to stay focused.

Yes. I reached rock bottom recently and have no desire to return to the lifestyle I was living.

I’m being open with my spouse and open to God. I am inviting God into my life. No secrets.

My sins. My addictions. My former cravings and desires.

Yes. I've worked them before, and I'm excited about the new things I'll learn.

I hope working the steps daily helps keep me in the right attitude and mindset of recovery.

I'm not really afraid of anything happening, but if I had to pick an irrational fear, it's the same one I've always had, which is that I won't find sobriety even after working the steps.

I know it'll help me stay close to the Lord, and to His truths that are taught in the 12 steps.

Yes. I've been doing so for a while but I've gotten away from it. I want to make sure I'm staying close to the Lord and the program. I want to banish the doubts in my mind of my own worthiness.

I'll have to discover the best way to keep working the steps regularly. I'm hoping having "assigned" work through this curriculum will help me do that.

The ways that I choose to escape from my feelings.

This will be my second serious effort to work the steps. I am looking forward to it

I want to have my thoughts and actions come more from my heart and be much deeper and internal. I also hope that my mental health will improve and that my fears will decrease. I also hope that a good kind of confidence will increase.

I am afraid that Julie will divorce me if I have to disclose more details.
I am afraid of having to apologize and make amends to others

I think the steps and group meetings will help me continually bring light on my lust and allow me a greater progressive victory

I hope that I am. I really want to change and become the kind of spouse, father, brother and person that I have the potential to be.

My time in this life is running out and I don’t want to have any more regrets.

I have a greater confidence this time and believe that I will be more authentic and real in my recovery

I am willing to leave resentment and getting defensive behind me.

I am. I have worked the steps multiple times and always found them to be a rewarding experience. It truly changes who I am and whenever I'm not working the steps, I'm struggling. I am also interested in working this program because it's something different from what I've done before and I would love a new perspective.

I hope that I will continue to grow both as a person and in my faith and connection with God and others. I also hope that I can show my wife my continued commitment to her and to my recovery.

I'm afraid that I won't be successful and that I'll give up. I'm also afraid that it won't be enough.

I've done it before and it's the only way that works for me.

This is a difficult question. I want to say yes, but I think being an addict means there is always a hesitance here. A continued, incorrect, desire to maintain my own power and will. But I know from experience that the only way to remain sane and sober is through letting go and letting God take over.

I don't know if I can say what will be different. I think as I work the steps, I will learn new things and find new practices that help me to change myself and my efforts.

I know I have to be willing to leave behind everything that is keeping me tied into my addictive patterns. Right now that is non-sexual lust and escapism. Particularly in the form of games. I have drawn that line but just recently broke it and lied to my wife about it. I have to be willing to let that go completely.

I am looking forward to working the steps because I know it’s what I need to do to truly recover

I hope I will begin to see some of the 12 promises come to light. I want to become good at getting what I truly want and need in this life

I am afraid that I will fail along the way and stop working the steps because my addict brain says it doesn’t work. I am afraid my addiction will over power the steps.

Because I know it takes daily practice to get good at something. I also trust my sponsor when he tells me this.

Because if not now, when? It’s gone on too long. My wife deserves better and I deserve to move on from this crippling sin. I am ready to turn over my will to Gods and surrender to whatever that may be.

Daily step work. A recovery program. Connection with God and with my wife. Sponsorship.

I am willing to leave behind distractions like video games and a little extra sleep in the morning in order to get up and put God and my step work first. I am willing to give up comfortability.

I am looking forward to working the steps. I have tried some other ways of gaining recovery and have not made the kind of progress i would like.

I hope to gain in site into what feeds may addiction.

I am afraid I may not work the program as I should.

The day to day part will work for me because I work a daily program now.

I tried doing recovery my way and it did not work as well as I would like. So I am going to quite being willful and work the program.

I will do the program with fidelity.

I am going to give up my tv/youtube time for recovery.

yes, Why now because I want have a good relationship with my wife and children. I. want a better relationship with my higher power.

I am going to put in whatever it required to reach longterm sobriety.

Yes. I am looking forward to reworking them, and to have a guide to doing them. I am especially happy to have a guide through all of the reading.

I hope that the principles I learn will truly become a part of me and guide my life and behaviors.

I am afraid of starting and not finishing.

I think a day to day process will help me to create new and consistent recovery habits.


I am working through it with a sponsee.

Good question.

I am looking forward to recovery and long term sobriety that comes from working the steps.

I am looking forward to recovery and long term sobriety that comes from working the steps.

I relapse again and again and the program works for others but not me.

That something is wrong with me or wrong in my. situation.

yes, Why now because I want have a good relationship with my wife and children. I. want a better relationship with my higher power.

I am going to put in whatever it required to reach longterm sobriety.

My resentment and desire to escape and numb out by acting out.

Yes, I need to change my behaviors if I expect not to act out.

I hope to have a change of heart to where I don't want to act out.

That I will act out.

I need to put recovery first. I think this means working the steps daily.

I'm afraid of turning my will over to God.

If things don't change then I will keep on acting out. I am desperate.


Yes, because I know doing daily work can bring a big change in my life. Also no, because I feel so busy and worry that I will have enough time to do everything that I need to do.

In the past, I've felt lighter, happier, and clearer.

I guess that my biggest fear is that I will get to busy or distracted and stop doing the steps. Or I will start feeling shame about failure and close myself off.

I think it will work because I need the daily help, but I worry it won't work because I'll get too caught up in other work.

Yes, I want to, but I know that this entails a lot more than I have courage to do right now. I am ashamed of all the times I have failed in the past and am going to have a hard time being honest and open with others.

I hope the new format and new type of program will help me see things differently and keep working.

I am willing to leave behind my sleeping in, watching TV shows or movies that take the spirit away, I am willing to put this first.

Yes. Because I feel like this program can help me set myself up for successful recovery.

I hope that I can learn to cope with life after pornography and lust. I also feel like they will help me find myself and help fill the hole that porn was filling.

I am afraid that knowing this program is a religious based program and me not being a religious person I will not be able to progress through the steps because I can't open myself on a spiritual level.

I have tried to do the Steps through the books alone and I feel like doing the Steps through the curriculum will help me stay organized and feel like I am making progress on the Steps.

Yes I am ready to let go of my addiction. I feel like one of the hardest things is giving in to a Higher Power. Because I have finally realized that I am an addict.

Finally realizing that I have a problem and knowing that I was about to lose my family.

All of my old behaviors and attitudes

I really am. I work so well with assignments and academic approaches to things, and I feel like therapy and other modes of this work haven't been best for me because there isn't a lot of accountability or deep thinking in the way I respond to. I also have been averse to journaling, and now, with this option, I'll be able to track my progress, which I'm really excited for.

I hope that I can learn to love myself and shed my codependency.

I'm afraid that in this process, I will re-anger or re-humiliate people, mainly Jerusha and Sam, and that they will take action to "cancel" me or push me toward a relapse, as happened in the past.

It will hold me accountable, of course, but also keep me present in a way that other programs cannot. Journaling every day and keeping my wits about me will be really important during all this.

Yes. It has ruined a relationship that I really cared about, with Ashley, but also I felt the feeling of relapse and efforts derailed, which felt so defeating and impossible to overcome. I know that thinking of the health of my communities will motivate me to remain sober from toxic behavior.

For one, I'm taking this course and this step. It feels like I'm really serious about this effort for the first time.

I will leave behind social media. It was a place for affirmation and not for communication. That will really focus me and allow me to be present.

Yes, I'm tired of having this weight, shame, secrecy, anger, manipulation etc... apart of my life. I want to give them up so my life and the lives of those around me are better.

That I can not only understand why I have these cravings but how I can have these craving diminish or go away all togeather.

I might fail again.

It will keep me focused and let the Lord work my soul.

Not YES but HELL YES! I have been struggling with this for over 40 years, and I have proven to myself that I can't do it on my own. Without my Heavenly Father, I feel very powerless to this monster in me.

I have a sponsor who not only keeps tabs on me but is answering many questions that I have. Most importantly is that I am turning this over to God, because I can't do it on my own.

I must leave behind my pride, because without humility, no changes will happen in my heart or soul.

Yes, because in the past I've been trying to do it by my own, and it has been ineffective, thus, I hope this structure program can help me to recover from sexual addiction.

I hope find long-last healing and sobriety, but I think those two things are a long-term goals, however, I'm looking to find peace, comfort, and that my levels of honesty can improve to the point that I can be completely transparent with my wife and others. I hope to find a safe space from lust and other harmful addictive behaviors I've allowed to creep in once again in my life.

I'm afraid to lose my family, to don't be able to be present for my dear wife and my son. Both of them are extremely important for me, and I just love them so much. I use to be afraid of lose my membership at my church, however, now I'm afraid of loosing my soul and my personal relationship with my God and my Savior, I'm afraid to be alone and to lose my identity as a son of God who is worthy and powerful to overcome challenges.

I do believe working the steps one day at a time work for me because I need to find structure that I need in my personal life. I do believe on my patriarchal blessing that my Grandfather gave me when I was a teenager. On this blessing it mentions how important is to have a structure and a routine on my personal life, and I've seen how amazing and powerful I can become when I do so. Thus, I know this little way of working the steps will work for my personal and spiritual progress.

I am ready, I feel that I have hit once again rock bottom and I have lose all sense of accountability and stability on my recovery. I know that I have to do amends with my High Power, however I need help from my High Power to help my "unbelief"

This time I want to be more honest with my sponsor, my groups, my therapist (if I get the chance to meet with him) my wife, my God and ultimately with myself. I also I will put the effort for having this self care in my life. I want to spent some time working the steps here, in California, Mexico and wherever I go.

I willing to leave behind my ego, my dishonesty, and mu pride. Mu new normal will be more honest, humble and willing to work and change along the way

Yes, I am looking forward to working the steps. I'm looking forward to finding healing and having a spiritual awakening. In some ways, I am also not looking forward to working the steps, because they require "work." They also require change, which I am very resistant to.

I hope to find peace and hope again in my life. I hope to be able to help other people.

I am afraid that I will remove so many things from my life that it will just be an empty shell of a life. I have to be careful that as I remove things from my life, I also replace them with positive things as well.

I'm already in a pretty good groove with working the steps and doing daily scripture study, so I feel like it will work for me. I could also see myself getting lazy with it though, if I get to the point where I feel like I'm already "recovered."

I am scared to turn my will over to my Higher Power. I am afraid He will require too much. I also want to, because my life as it is is not very happy. Why not try something radically different?

I will patient as I work the steps. I want to really make sure I am letting them affect my soul and that I am actually working them rather than passively studying them.

I am willing to leave it all behind. I want this. I want to be reborn. I want a new life.

Yes! Having worked the steps in the past I am aware of the value they bring and they change in my life that they can generate. While I strive to always focus on all 12 steps in my personal recovery and when working with others, I recognize that I have more to learn and am excited to go through the process of revisiting each step.

I hope that I will gain new insights and understandings about the steps, my Higher Power and myself. That with that increased understanding I can become a better version of myself, more effective in those I would help and most importantly in my conscience contact with God.

I am slightly afraid that I will not gain new insights and it will feel like busy work and ineffective.

I feel that the daily structure will be helpful for me to ensure that I am doing my own step work for myself. Too often I spend so much time helping others with their step work that I neglect the focus on my own.

Yes! I have had a powerful experience doing that in that past and it is something that I strive to do each day. I know that He truly desires what is best for me.

This time will be a little unique because I have worked the steps before and feel that I have a good understanding of them.

My ego. Thinking that I know the steps already and my assumption that there wont be anything new that they have to offer.

I am. Because I am tired of having this addiction rule my life. I’m tired of feeling shame and hopelessness that I am a bad person and will never get better. If the steps can help me, I want to give it a try.

As the books say, “progressive victory over lust”. I hope that I will learn strategies to identify triggers for the addiction and how to flee from this sin. I am hoping that I will grow in my relationship with God and allow him to help me through this so that I can live a freer and more peaceful life.

I am afraid of the attacks from Satan getting stronger and keeping me in the awful darkness that got me here. I am afraid of relapses and what that will mean for my relationship with God, how I view myself, and my relationship with my fiancé.

I need daily accountability to help me. I need lots of structure. The steps seem like it will provide both of those for me. I also feel like the more I get into recovery, the more I will want to stay there and do the work necessary to do so.

I really struggle with this, to be honest. I do enjoy the temporary feeling that lust gives me. The chase, the warm feeling, it is exciting. But the pain and despair I feel afterwards is so consuming. I want to let God help me through the feelings of sexual desire (that he designed for good) so that it may be placed in its proper setting. I want to give it to God because I have seen the way he has helped other men in my life. Now because I have tried to stay clean on my own in so many ways and they have all failed. I always have gone back. Being all in on God is the only way.

Putting in the work on a DAILY basis. No more of the “work hard for a few days then slip back into it”. Doing the things necessary to flee. Making phone calls in times of temptation, doing daily prayer for protection from God, identifying situations that are tempting and asking God for help, daily reflection through writing, daily reading of God’s word and recovery materials.

My desire for sexual gratification. My lustful, worldly idea of what sex is. “For the man”, watching porn, masturbating, talking to women outside of my relationship, fantasizing, lustful conversations with friends, going to bars and parties, putting myself in compromising situations.

Yes, I have been struggling with pornography, masturbation for the last 45 years of my life. I am ready to beat this addiction.

I hope to learn, grow and better understand my addiction, the triggers and connection with those people who will never judge, shame or criticize me.

It doesn't work and I will relapse back into my addictions.

I believe it will help me on a daily basis and give me one more tool in my workbox to recover from my addiction.

Yes, I am tired of the constant waste of time, energy and money I have spent on this addiction. I am tired of hurting those around me with my selfish actions. My strength in God has always been lackluster and I want to build a relationship with my God.

Recovery work. SA meetings, reading, workshops, amends, honesty, unafraid and unashamed.

Pornography, masturbation, affairs with women, my inadequacies, resentment, minimalizing, gaslighting, dishonesty.

Yes because I feel like I’m coasting and not progressing in my recovery.

I am able to grow and assist others in Recovery.

I might harm or injur my daughters if I tell them about my addiction.

Consistency is the best way to progress one day at a time.

Yes. He is the only way to connect and truely recover.

I’m ready for the next step.

Lust in all forms.

I was scared and I still am. I have never really given my all to a program or to recovery. I am hopeful, excited, and ready to get started. I have struggled with self hate and self worth which has led to me not truly believing in me. I have hid from who I am and the pain that I have caused my family and I have lied to try and change that but lies do not change the truth. I have hid from our Lord and kept myself from really feeling His love as I have been too afraid.

I hope to open up and be my complete being in the eyes of God and my wife and all of those who know me. I hope to learn how to deal with the things that have caused me to struggle in the past and to deal with the issues that have contributed to me being a sex addict and have caused me to want to cover up and not speak about my struggles. I hope to become a strong Christian and put all of me in His Hands as I have fought my pride and control issues in the past and that has hindered me.

My past actions will cause pain to the ones I love. I will become who I have always wanted me to be and there will be no more excuses for any wrong behavior and I will be completely accountable. I want this but it is scary to me as I have never been in that position to where I am accepting of all of me and all of my mistakes.

I think it will work for me. I am not consistent. I will do good for a few days and then I will stop and not do the work needed anymore. Having it every day to go and read to keep me focused on what needs to be studied and learned will be a great help to me as I need that every day.

I am ready to turn it over. I have been fighting this for so long. I have been married for 18 years and was fighting it before then but it didn't matter as much as it does now. We have 3 children who are growing and I want to be a Godly man, a Godly husband, and a Godly, earthly father. Now is the time as I have spent the past years of my life running from God and taking out my hurts and my pains on those I love the most and not dealing with them directly.

I will have a sponsor to share my progress with. I will have someone who is there with me other than my wife that cares and will hold me accountable and help me hold me accountable. In sharing with a sponsor, I will be more prone to share and communicate with my wife. I am declaring myself a sex addict and I have put that off for so long. This day is a long time coming in my life.

Not facing who I truly am and not focusing on the truth of me. I have tried to lie about me and who I am to make me into someone I am not. Truth is what I am focusing on being my new normal as lies were my old normal.