Men’s Step 0 – Day 1

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go to meetings and get out of your head

you can't do it alone. no exceptions

Jason M

Still working on this

I have to make the first move. I have to surrender every last drop of poison. I know he has been waiting for this all my life, I have too.

The emphasis on establishing connection with other addicts and creating community in sobriety.

It gets me out of my head and shows me I’m not alone. This contributes to not wanting to start up again with addiction.

My father and mother. I will also reach out to another addict to create a bond and I will remain in contact with my sponsor.

Deleted triggering social media accounts. Established boundaries on using my cellphone. Gave my wife all access to my phone and passwords.

For me, that statements shows that only when we surrender ourselves to God completely can He help us in our journey. If we have one foot out or our looking for loopholes, we can’t have his full guidance because we aren’t fully committed.

The idea of not being able to stay sober without the help of others. I have always tried to carry all my burden on my own two shoulders believing they are my issues so I should not have to let others carry this burden with me and I need to solve all my problems on my own. Going to the meetings and learning from my brothers I have learned this couldn't be further from the truth. The last thing you should do is carry this addiction all by yourself, you will break under the pressure and relapse. Only by spreading out the pressure with others and come to learn to rely on them can you stay sober. It makes perfect sense; the pressure and area are inversely proportional. Lower the area (carrying everything yourself) higher the pressure (chances of relapsing).

I cannot do this recovery by myself. I need to share and open up about my struggles with other people. It is safer and easier for me to share when I know the people I am opening up to about my struggles are having the same struggles as I. Being able to share that common pain and strife makes it easier to look recovery in the face and work with it.

I have weekly therapy sessions at Monday at 7am. I also reach out to a close brother of mine Jesse weekly, he is my age and we really understand each other's struggle and what it is like to be our age and having this addiction.

I have deleted all accidental triggering social media accounts. I have now taped multiple papers around the room so I can read over and over what I need to do to have a progressive victory over my addiction and to recognize my faults and the steps to perform to overcome them.

We as the addict have to stop of our own free will, the thing that God gave to us in the beginning. I have to use that and purposefully surrender my sins, my addiction, my faults to him and others in my life. Only then will I be able to feel the love of God and his power will infect my soul so I can stay on the path of recovery.

We can't be sober in one area while acting out in another. I agree with this, but another part of me wants to allow lust/porn viewing with my wife as a way to create a greater bond. I'm not sure how to handle the material staying sober, except when with my wife.

Builds connection vs self obsession that happens when you act out alone. Gives an outlet to talk to other men that battle sexual addictions.

My wife

Getting the internet locked down at the house so the main pathway to viewing porn alone is blocked.

Surrendering the feeling to act out helps to release control over the feelings and emotions and turn them over to god to handle. Surrender is key to this program from what others have said.

Going to 12-step meetings is critical to my recovery and sobriety. I've talked to a couple of other men I know who stopped going to meetings because they thought they had the problem solved, and they have ended up continuing to struggle with their addictions. I know that this is now something I will need to do for the rest of my life.

The fellowship offers me an opportunity for weekly public surrender, hearing the experiences, strength, and hope of others, and sharing my experience, strength, and hope with others. The fellowship helps me to continually recognize that I have an addiction - and that I have to be open and honest with myself, with God, and with others about that. It helps me to recognize that I need help from others.

I am working on reaching out to more men in my 12-step group. I also connect with several men in my group therapy on a weekly basis, my individual therapist twice a month, and my ecclesiastical leader twice a month.

I've stopped viewing rated R movies and rated M TV shows and movies, and have started using Vid Angel to filter out language, nudity, sex, immodesty, violence, etc. for TV shows and movies that I want to watch. I've unfollowed many social media accounts that dress provocatively or otherwise display something that could cause me to have a lust trigger. I started using software on my phone and computer that sends a notification to an accountability partner of mine for anything that I visit that is questionable. I've also started to watch myself any time I start to objectify a female that I see, and try not to look at attractive females for any time longer than I need to.

Through sobriety (stopping lustful, addictive, compulsive behaviors) and recovery (surrendering my will to God and allowing His will to take precedence over my own), the power of God can become effective in taking my addiction (or at least taking the behaviors related to my addiction) from me.

the fact that people used to have to do a phone group on a 3 way line. That they were dedicated enough to go through all that effort is pretty amazing.

There is so much to learn from others, and if you never reach out, you'll never learn from or be supported by others. It also puts us in a position to help others.

Others in group.

None yet.

Just start listening and doing what group says. eventually things will start happening

The need to meet weekly with a support group.
The need to stop feeding my lust through the eyes, fantasies, and memories.
The need to stop feeding any form of lust I have. For me, that would include spending time on my phone doing puzzles; shopping on the internet.

I believe I will find strength in being part of a group that shares common challenges (sex addiction) and similar goals (sobriety and recovery).

Other group members (once I get the phone list)
My wife, in sharing things that would be appropriate to share with each other. We each will have our own sponsor, with whom we will share negative emotions etc. But, I know Camille will have times when she will need to share some of her pain with me or ask questions to better understand my addiction.

I don't have a sponsor yet. But, I have set the boundary to not spend time doing puzzles on my phone; to not spend money without talking to Camille first; to put prayer, scripture study, and 12 step work first in my day.

I need to do my part--taking advantage of the tools at hand, working with a group and with a therapist. But, my healing and recovery can only come as I connect daily with God, make Him my center, and surrender my will to His. It means to surrender my negative emotions to God throughout the day rather than expressing them to Camille.

How this is a progressive addiction and left unresolved, will get progressively worse.

Fellowship is what keeps me accountable to an actual supportive brother.

I commit to reaching out to the support group I’ve created with my fellowship of SAL and AA. I also reach out to God first, I pause, I ask for God’s guidance and then make a call and/or journal.

1. Not bringing my cell phone/laptop into the bathroom.
2. Not bringing my cell phone/laptop into my bedroom.
3. Let my partner know when someone reaches out to me in an inappropriate/flirting way.
4. That if I am dishonest, I have 24hrs to come “clean” with my dishonesty.
5. That I attend one zoom and one in person meeting a week.
6. Practice active listening with my partner once a week.
7. Attend couples therapy 1-2x a month.
8. Attend individual therapy 2x a month.

Also including new hobbies Ive picked up to replace bad habits, drawing, coloring, bike riding.

The power of slow down, pausing or closing my mouth… allows me to let God into my thinking. The obsession of my thoughts will send me out of control with my thoughts and feelings, which in the past would lead towards numbing out and my addictions. Slowing down, allows Gods grace to enter my thoughts and heart, which allows me to become responsive and not reactive.

Lying by omission. I think most of us, even if we're honest people, can relate to this for of lying in addiction.

I personally prefer a face to face fellowship because I like to feel the energy of the group.

On average I talk to 4 - 5 program people everyday.

I have porn blockers on all of my electronic devices. I also attend 1 to 2 12 step meetings a day.

When we're not in our active addiction and taking strides to concur this addiction it becomes easier to see God's intentions for us.

Fellowship is key to success ... can not do it alone
Need to stop acting out in all forms (can not stop one and still be active in another form). Need to stop ANY act of LUST in any form. There can not be any true recovery if we let it persist in any form (actions & thinking).
The program doesn't tell us how to stop, we did it many times, it tell us how not to START AGAIN.
We wanted others to fix us, now we stop and in our surrender, the power of GOD becomes effective in us!

Get the support of other, not feel alone in our struggle. Get their experience and way they manage similar issues successfully but also their struggles... all are struggling in some ways and can share how they manage to overcome.
be comfortable to be vulnerable with an audience you trust so no secret is kept hidden.
Feel better about myself with my sickness: not alone & accepted by others!

Goal to reach one every day (Gary, Justin B - GA, Lynman, Chris S - TX, ...)

The first boundaries are here to limit exposure to views that could be triggering and create a slippage; therefore limited usage of computer and phone beyond work utilization. I am not yet where I could be as I still use news app or Youtube that can have some challenging content / views.

There first need to have some intention ... the one of stopping. Before we were expecting that others would help us get "repaired" and this time, while we are still in control. This time we give control to God through our surrendering. We have proven to be powerless over lust and our life had became unmanageable... So now we need to let the power of God be effective in us, let God lead!

meetings - always. no excuse. I'm still trying to work out why we need that, but as the book seems to imply - it's not known why it works, it just does and it's necessary.

not completely sure - as above, I don't know, but I'm willing to work on it.

I'll make at least one call to someone on the contact list (someone other than my sponsor.)

I've taken most of the social media off my phone.

in a way, it's a trust thing - we express our trust in god (even a little) by stopping and as we do, our trust (faith?) is rewarded by god's help - usually in ways we won't/can't recognize yet.

Haven’t read it yet but will as soon as the book arrives I will

just read it now, what i liked the best was the "doing things- anything- got me out of myself and into the real world.

Interaction with others keeps us accountable. Knowing I am not alone and there are people that will listen and have guidance and wisdom

Fellow brothers in the tuesday night group
Kenny b
Andre s
Dave h

certain websites, time in which the phone is on, and giving access to Zoe on a daily basis

Conscious decisions to surrender to god and let the moment pass. Trust that this will work and work the steps daily until it’s effective

I’m not waiting for someone else to stop me, the therapist, the spouse or god. I stop, and in my surrender I call upon the power of god. It stuck out to me because I guess I’ve always been waiting for someone else to do the stopping, I must do it, and then call upon god, the fellowship members and others for my support, especially god

By being surrounded by other like minded people it helps get me outside of myself where I can easily be lost in my thinking, and helps make the recovery process real

I’ll reach out to members of the fellowship each day, and try to connect with them

I don’t know if I have any specific boundaries. But I’ve made a renewed commitment to turn to the lord in all my struggles

I believe it to mean I must make the decision to stop, do everything I can to stay stopped. And then when debilitating temptations and tribulations come along, turn to the lord and reach out to him. Also connect regularly with other members of the fellowship

Getting involved in meetings. the meetings I have gone to so far have been good. I have felt that I am Not alone, I see the success of members whether it be short or 10 years. I have left feeling energized and ready to conquer Life.

I think Its essential to both ourselves and others. In ourselves it shows a commitment. the Brotherhood of the fellowship helps us to overcome our weeknesses

I Need to figure that out. I haven't reached out to anyone yet. I might reach out to Duncan or someone else. I do talk to family and friends week but not so much about recovery and addiction.

hm the link doesn't work.
I have put content blocker on my internet. removed reddit from my phone

as we are abstinent the power of god helps us be sober as well as have the spirit with us.

The link above does not work. I have set boundaries for myself. I do not have any apps, other than amazon on my phone and realize that i need to dispose of the amazon app as well. I feel ashamed.

If we DO NOT stop, then the power of God cannot become effective in us. If we DO NOT surrender, then the power of God cannot become effective in us. I must stop, I must surrender.

The level of my recovery equates to the amounts to my participation in the "fellowship".

I have been really improving my relationship with God through my morning scripture study and prayer. This have allowed me to have great power and ability to stay close to Him. However, I have started to feel complacent in working the steps of recovery through becoming entrenched in the fellowship. I would like to be ALL IN.


I will not bring my phone into the bathroom. Ever

I loved the statement in the reading that we didn't need help stopping. We had done that a thousand times. What we needed help with is not starting again. It is in our surrender to God, in admitting that we were powerless over the lust that it starts to have less power over us. When I surrender that. When I give it to God I receive His strength and His power.

How much it related to me. About thinking I could do it alone

Because I’m not in this alone

My wife

That when we stop letting this sinful addiction control our lives. That’s we can start growing as individuals in the right direction

How I need to get rid of all forms of this addiction. Not just the obvious things, but the anger and the helplessness.

People are social creatures. We can’t survive without others, and if those others can relate to you that’s even better.

I’m not sure what a sponsor is. I reach out to my mother father bishop and god

Restrictions on my phone. The internet gets turned off every night. Constantly watched/asked how things are going

Like it says in the books if we give up, in the right way we are handing our life to god

Needing to make contact, even resorting to letterwriting.
Needing to stop. They say that is step zero, but that feels like the whole program. If I could just stop, then I wouldn't need the program.

God won't save me in isolation, as much as I want Him to. I hear that the opposite of addiction is connection. I'm not sure I understand why or how that is. The connection I have had to this point hasn't seemed to make much of a difference. I don't long for connection. I don't really fee like I need it.

It's hard for me to reach out to anyone. I don't even reach out to my sponsor. I need to do that though.

Filters on my devices (except for work computer). No social media.

The way to keep from starting again is to surrender.

I answered all these in my journal.

that I must be involved and stay involved. Taking to others who I can trust and being totally open is huge. Having a society of men who are working the steps and wanting to stay strong in their progress is important to have in my life because that is what I also want.

Being physically involved gets the brain involved which seems to lock it in. Listening to others, activly, gets me involved and also learning to share and help others strenghens me. The more I give is the more I recieve.

I have been reaching out to others daily for over two and a half years and will continue to do so. I will reach out to brothers in recovery who are working the steps even if they have failed but are still trying to keep going and want this junk out of their life just like me.

I do not watch YouTube or Facebook unless my wife is sitting right next to me. I won't check the Weather Channel or any news links online.

He fills the void in us instead of letting other things become the thing that fills the void. By putting Him first and leaning on Him for strengh, other things fall into place.

I didn't realize that I couldn't do it alone, and that finding others who were like me was critical. I certainly see that God helped me in that regards to find SAL

Without it, I stay stuck in my head. Not participating leads to destruction.

I reach out to recovery friends and to God

I need to figure out specific boundaries. I suppose that is my next step.

It means I have to do what is not natural to me. If I wait for the desire to do something prior to doing it, I will never do it.

That we have to stop ourselves and then God makes it so we don't start. We had it backwards.

It gives us an outlet to express our problems, fears, and to know that we are not alone. We need the love and support of others to truly become free. By helping others we help ourselves. We learn new tools form others.

My therapist. I am also trying to find a sponsor.

I hide nothing. I have no secret money source. I have created trigger charts. I check in with my wife nightly.

We turn our will over to God after we have shown Him that we want to stop and need his help.

You can't just become sober in parts of your addiction - you need to cut it out completely.

Accountability and proof of other healing and not feeling alone

Russel - he has been reaching out to me a lot

I have not found a sponsor yet and dont fully understand what a boundary looks like

God has his hand in all things. If we surrender to him, he is able to help and that is his doings