Men’s Step 0 – Day 1

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Fellowship is crucial. No recovery without it.

Get out of my own head. Learn from others. Ride their coat tails until I can stand on my own.

Other members from groups. Friends.

No internet on phone. No tv or computer at night, alone.

Admitting my powerlessness and surrendering to God, brings power.

“Suddenly I was worthwhile” I feel that this is something I am working on. I feel that having fellowship has really helped me to feel accepted and FINALLY UNDERSTOOD!! Being understood was a huge factor for me and a huge reason why I keep coming back. I think it’s interesting also that at the beginning of this program they tell you to stop using your drug right away and try to begin drying out. Trying this while reading, having support and now doing the steps feels very hopeful and possible. The getting involved section kind of scares me because I imagine myself running a meeting and that thought scares me. I don’t like attention or failure. I don’t like looking bad or specifically looking “stupid.”

Connection is huge and for me it is feeling like the guys there really understand me. I also need good honest guys to call me on my bullshit when I am lying, minimizing, playing victim, not taking action, and so many other things that are weaknesses and tendencies of mine. God created us to want connection and deep understanding. In this group I get that. It also shows us that there is real work to be done and that success is possible for us just like it has been for others.

I had no other previous commitments but now that I am reading this I would like to reach out to:
- Greg
- Dustin
- Terry
- Caleb

- attend recovery meetings 2 times a week when possible and no less than 1 a week
- Do recovery work (currently online 12-step curriculum) 15 min a day or more
- Reach out to Todd once a day (especially to go over triggers)
- Reach out to Greg or other recovery friends twice a week
- Read scriptures at least 2 pages daily
- Pray night and especially morning
- Journal once a day a minimum or 2 sentences
- Meditate after prayer for 1 minute after prayer to allow God to speak to me

To me it means I stop turning to porn and lust for comfort and security and instead I pray and lean into God to help me truly discover this comfort and security. Also to learn faith, hope, and trust and to continually build this relationship with God. It means to surrender God’s will over my own. I think stopping the acting out comes first and then we begin to replace those bad habits with new ones that are truly and deeply fulfilling. For me, I would like this to be a spiritual awakening and a true renewal or “rebirth” if you want to be all hippy about it. For me it’s the story of the man who pruned his plant in order for it to re-grow stronger and better than before. I think also God will give us power that we never realized we had, yet we always had the access to. I think we will become greater than we ever have been and that as we work for God and help others his love and power will shine through us and be magnified by our faith and action.

“We must be part of others or we cannot maintain effective surrender, see ourselves rightly, or work the steps.” This sticks out to me because I have realized just how true it is in my time in meetings, and my time away from meetings. Being connected to other people who are working the steps helps me feel a part of something bigger than myself. It shows me the true connection, that thing I’ve been craving for so long.
“The program doesn’t tell us how to stop — we had done that a thousand and one times — it shows us how to keep from starting again.” This is so powerful. It’s not about stopping. The second I relapse and get my fix I have stopped resorting to my addiction, but managing my emotions and the consequences of my acting out keep me from resorting to my addiction again, thus allowing me to not “start again”.
“We discovered that the way to feel better is not only going to meetings but taking the risk of self-disclosure.” Revealing the one thing we thought we could never reveal shows us just how powerful we can be with the help and support of God and others.

Alone we are nothing. It’s like the old arrow proverb/story. One arrow, or stick can be broken easily, but the more you add the harder it becomes to break. The fellowship of the program becomes our strength, support, and guide all in one.

My wife, nightly check in’s. Other SAL and 12 step members. Ecclesiastical leaders as needed.

Phone monitoring app. No social media alone. No secret screen. Accountability.

We can stop without surrendering, which leads us right back into our addiction. When we stop, and then surrender we are surrendering all the thoughts, feelings, character defects, and consequences that may follow to the power of God, trusting that He will guide our thoughts and actions to benefit those around us, instead of benefiting ourselves.

importance of community

to help others, see ourselves clearer, be with others

others in group

dont search for pornography, dont start to masturbate

after being sober we can work on ourselves with gods help

addiction cannot have any place in our life, one addiction can replace another. These addictions cannot be allowed to persist in any form

To help with accountability, to have community support, to help in understanding this behavior

My mother when I need someone to talk to

• Limit or line over which you will not allow anyone to cross because of the negative impact of its being crossed in the past.

I am not implementing this in regard to me and my partner. I will never cross that boundary again. I will not hurt her again in this way

that through surrender we are able to have understanding

The secret to the success of the twelve step program is the interaction, the sharing and the brotherhood with other men who are struggling with the same challenge as I have. It helps me feel like I am not the only one and that we who have the disease of sexual addicton are good people struggling with our own unique challenges and we can learn a tremendous amount from brothers who are on the same journey.

It is so very empowering to be able to surrender my feelings of shame and not enoughness to God and other brothers. That is part of the connecting process that helps me come out of my shell and find friendship and brotherhood with my fellow addict brothers.


I will not go to places that I know are triggers to my addiction. Those include water parks and massage parlours. I can't go to dressing rooms in rec centers. I will limit my internet access to inspiring and purposeful web sites. No more surfing the internet. The Fox News website does nothing good for me so I have a boundary to not go there any more. I will be perfectly honest with my wife in all my communication.

It means that I am committed to a sexually sober life and my cheif partner in this commitment is God. When i am tempted to return to my addictive behavior I will surrender those temtations to him. He has the power to keep me sober and to fill my mind with virtuos and inspirational thoughts.

The measure of commitment to attending groups reflects my commitment to recovery. I must be willing to surrender all addictions in my life. We always wanted to the sponsor or God or spouse etc to do the stopping for us. Now, we surrender and let the power of God become effective in us.

Sobriety and true recovery seem impossible without community.

Other members of the new groups I will be attending.

Haven't made any yet.

I realize that my disillusionment with God's involvement - or perceived lack thereof - in my recovery stems from my expectations of how I think he works. He never intended to make me stop or magically make it dissapear. But that was the nly way i would beleive that he really existed. rather, when i choose to stop, in my surrender I can find him.

We have to learn to stop first and have the power to do so. Then we immediately surrender and let god take this problem from us. We give it to him to take away.

There were a few things that stood out today, attending meetings are important to long-term sobriety and me stopping all forms of the addiction to allow God to be effective in my life. I always though that the meetings would be important, I attended some ARP meetings and thought that I would continue all my life but when school and life got busy I stopped. I didn't realize how important they are to long-term recovery. And the effort that I put into attending will be a reflection of my progression and sobriety. So I need to be all in because I want sobriety for all my life. I need to be true to my wife, I love her and I am tired and sick of destroying her life. So I need to stay committed to going to meetings and participating on a weekly basis.

I think participating in the fellowship program will help me find strength and purpose in my journey. I think that participating will help me change who I am to become the man I need to be and who God wants me to be.

I talk to my wife on a daily basis to check in with her. I need to find a sponsor and commit. I will also commit to reaching out to my Dad and talking to him on a weekly basis. (maybe I can incorporate my Mom also so she feels more connected to me)

I have set bottom lines with with the help of my councilor. They are:
1. Go to bed when my wife falls asleep (phone away from reach)
2. No phone in the bathroom with me (unlocked door)
3. 3 second rule- if you see anything potentially problamatic then put attention somewhere else (think about a memory of wife or kids and make goals about time with them)
4. If I am home alone then no internet or tv (if I am watching the kids tv for them)
( I guess I need to talk to a sponsor for more help)

I understand that my action in stopping (doing all I can do), then the surrender part I might understand, I think that it means I am ceasing to fight with my own strength, knowing fully well that I can't do it with my strength alone(since I have tried many times). When I surrender I am giving God the opportunity to be fully involved in my recovery since I am no longer resisting his will to do my will ( what I think will work). God's power and the Grace of Jesus Christ are far greater than any effort that I can muster up myself. Truly surrendering my will to God, in other words having my will be swallowed up by the will of God is the only way to be on a path that will truly lead to happiness, freedom, and exaltation.

The power that we can tap into through fellowship. When we are accountable, we can move forward in recovery.

This is the first part of surrender. Knowing that I can not do things on my own. Asking for help from the group and God.

I have a list of people that I try to contact daily. The are mostly from the SAL group some are from other groups I attend as well.

No electronics in the bathroom. No Video games, no social media, No you tube , snap chat, no pornography or even R rated movies. In public I am mindful of what I am doing. No staring at women, no fantasies, or objectification. Treat women as daughters of God.

Once we figure out that we cannot do this on our own and surrender to God, his power can work to heal us. I tried to stop. I swore that this was the last time, thousands of times, yet my will power was not sufficient. God’s power is what I need…I need help! Help from the group and help from therapy…aI need all the help I can get.

"We must be a part of others or we cannot maintain effective surrender."

This highlights probably the most difficult issue for me, be willing to be humble and accountable and connected. I feel it even as I write these words.

I don't know that I can agree to that as a blanket statement for everyone. I think it is true for me if I want to live sober and connected. I have tried it before and it worked wonderfully well. I have tried not doing it and I have failed miserably. So I think for me it is true.

I have several men that I can reach out to and share my struggles with. Anyone from either of two groups is available and willing to help me.

I haven't yet shared any yet.

I am declaring my dependence and reliance upon God for my salvation. It is only through and by His grace and intervention that I can achieve progressive victory over lust and self centeredness.

The program does not teach us how to stop. We have done that thousands of times. It teaches us how to not start again. We always wanted someone (God, therapist etc) to stop for us. Both of these statements impressed me.

In my own experience just being accountable to myself did not create sobriety. When I am alone in my head, I am in enemy territory. My commitment made to myself to not act out have rarely worked. There is a greater chance of sobriety when I can speak openly to a fellow addict who is going through the same thing that I am. Opening up to others, making calls is difficult for me.

This question really exposes a fear in me. I have been mostly unwilling to make regular phone calls or build relationships with other men in the many , many meetings I have attended through the years. I don't understand myself in this respect. I am committed to change and overcome this obstacle. I have been candid with Steven, Patrice, Emily and willing to be candid with priesthood leaders. I will expand this circle of contacts.

Covenant Eyes accountability software on all devices. Steven as monitor. I have recently tried a Troome phone but found it more to be an irritation than a useful sobriety tool. Positive actions of daily connection in prayer, gospel study, step study.

This is a true statement to me. It matches my own experience and faith. Words like traction, momentum, increased faith, hope describe what happens to me when I achieve even a few weeks of abstinence. My outlook brightens and in my mind success seems obtainable. I believe when I draw near to God, he then draws near to me.

Thinking that I'm not as bad as others. I would justify my addiction by saying, " I just watched porn, I'm not masturbating".

To know that there are others like me, I'm not in this alone.

I have four people I talk about this including my wife, so I probably won't inform anyone else at this time.

I haven't wrote any of them down but I will today and send them to my accountability.

Main thing for me is the word surrender, giving it up completely to Jesus, and letting go. Once I surrender it to Him think He can start working in me to heal.

The importance of groups and making connections. Connections are so important in recovery. Addiction thrives in secrecy. Being others who are struggling just like me helps me focus on the things they are important and the importance of staying in recovery.

As stated above, the strength of the group is essential. I can’t recover on my own, or so to just the help of my wife or God. I need others who are also suffering.

I first need to get a sponsor. But I also meet with my therapist on a weekly basis and discus all things with him.

I am in the process of making my boundary list. I have talked extensively with my therapist about boundaries.

I stop my acting out, then I surrender everything to God and let him work through me and with me.

We must stop practicing our compulsion in all its forms. We can’t be sober in one area and act out in another. We stop feeding lust. The eyes, the fantasy, the memory. Stop relishing the language of lust, resentment and rage.

Accountability and shedding more light on lust

Within 24 hours tell Julie of any masturbation, viewing of pornography or grooming another women.

I want to spend more time on setting boundaries, especially on grooming as this is such a natural thing for me to do. When I perceive that a women is attracted to me I am usually attracted to them. I sense that and then I start to flirt and imagine.

When we yield to God we allow his power to come into us. Without yielding or surrendering to him we don’t allow his power to be in and work through us.

The first section on the importance of being part of a fellowship stuck out to me because I've noticed that as I've done less fellowshipping that is when my recovery started to falter. I found less and less connection and in turn found less recovery. I can see what they are saying about the paramount importance of being in contact and connection with others in recovery. In the section "We Stop" it says "we stop living only and always inside our own heads." This is definitely a struggle for me as I feel most comfortable in my own head and I struggle with social contact with others many times. I know that not only my connection with others is important but also connection with God and getting out of my own head that way.

Because that's the only way I can get outside of myself. Being with others who want to talk about their addiction and want to hear about mine allows me to feel comfortable and safe enough to open up and start changing. Without participating in a fellowship

I have a list of folks I still call regularly but would like to add some names to that, so that is something I'd like to work on. But I regularly talk to Josh S, Josh W, Sean W, Thomas W, Ato D, Jason S, and my sponsee Talon, among others.

I've put a number of boundaries into place with my wife, but never really shared them with my sponsor or written them out. Certainly these involve no pornography and masturbation, but also include no innapropriate movies and tv or media, no video games (as this is one of my big issues), no being around other women alone, no innapropriate conversations or relations with other women.

That only through our surrender can God work within us. A sponsor gave me a saying, "Without Him, I can't, Without Me, He Won't." I need to put forth the action of surrender first before God's power is available to me as a resource. Otherwise, I'm putting that pavilion in place which blocks me from God.

That I need to connect. I need to get a sponcer. I know these things but i have not done them.

As a human we are born for connection. It is a place of acceptance and can be a place of love.

I will reach out to my son.

If I feel myself going down the funnel I intervein. I do sayings, turn away, pray, surrender.

God has the power to stop us.

Just starting by attending the meetings. Everyone needs to start somewhere and this is a good place to start.

I need the strength of others.

I am reaching out to my sponsor and someone else that I call everyday.

I don't go in the bathroom with my phone or computer.
I have my wife pause my phone when she is away.
I have my wife lock my computer and log in when I need it. I have to be in the same room as her while using it.

When I am willing to surrendering my will to God then is his power able to work in me.

the reading is on step zero. It mentions "we stop practicing our compulsions in all its forms. We cant be "sober" in one area while acting out in another"

the white book goes on saying: "There can be no true recovery from addiction if we allow it to persist in any area, whether in our thinking or in our acting out"

I need to surrender all areas of my life: lust for sex, lust for food, lust for my wife lust for work

connection is the opposite of addiction

when I make calls I can surrender myself by talking out loud the things that are bothering me.

Going to meeting helps me find a community of healing

I will get my tracker in order
I will reach out to:
Jon B
Colby P
Steve G
Zac A
Travis E
Joey P

I will not look at my phone in the bathroom

I let go to God. I stop fighting and surrender admitting that I'm an addict.

" Forget the steps, forget everything just bring the body." Because in the beginning and even still I worry about not being a religious or spiritual person. So knowing that in the beginning just show up the rest in time will follow. I am beginning to feel my mind open and start letting the the thought of "God" in which has been a relief.

For me it has been essential because of the sense of community or fellowship. I was sober on my own for about 3 months and felt like I was doing good. However with the urging of my wife I started attending meetings. After one meeting I knew it was for me. Not really because of the program but because of the fellowship. I had no idea how alone I felt until I went to the first meeting and it really felt so good to know that there are other men out there that have gone and are going through the same things that I am.

There are a few other guys in the group I attend that I reach out to other than my sponsor.

I avoid any triggering websites and apps such as Youtube, TikTok, Intagram and Facebook.

I believe that it means the when we realize that we are powerless against the addiction on our own and are willing to surrender the thought that we are over to a higher power and see for ourselves that is we give it over to him he will carry that burden for us.

The part about attending meetings regularly and surrendering to others. Because it really helps maintain sobriety.

Because you can't do it alone.

Right now I am wanting to reach out to 1 member of my group.

I just started looking at some boundries. Right now, I will not look at any inappropriate immages on my phone, computer or anything else. I will not go anywhere without my wife going with me or I have her approval and she knowas exactly what I am doing

As we obtain thr hrlp of others and surrender to ourselves to God, We stop using our "drug" then rely his power in our lives to truly change.

It certainly stuck out to me how the focus is on honesty. I think that's been my main issue, because I'm scared of being abandoned. Even though the Esther Perel book talks about the worth of honesty on different levels, I think I have tried to embrace that definition for my own safety. I need to confront that head on.

Community is everything, and it's always helpful to embrace.

My mother, my therapist, and be responsive to my partner, Ashley.

Waiting on boundary sheet, but I know that my main boundary being set is letting Ashley grow with time and not imposing.

Letting myself receive the love and wisdom of a higher power can only happen once I clear my mind of the carnal and selfish desires, etc.

You have to be apart of a SA group. Because if you're not, you're on your own, and as all of have proven. Non of us can have recovery on our own.

Opening up and sharing so the weight of what we are carrying is shared. There is very little recovery until you can open your own heart and soul to others.

I reach out to God, who gives me strength of hope to continue. I also reach out to my wife when it's ok. I also reach out to the 2 groups I meet with weekly.

Anger - recognize and apologize immediately
Triggers - recognize and do what is necessary to not let it cause me to do a addict behavior
Be brutely honest with myself, my sponsor, and most importantly, my GOD
Let humility run my life

Without stopping the acting out and the total surrender to God, we are not at a place where we have given God the power to affect us.

It stuck to me the part that it mentions that I cannot be in recovery or sober if I'm still acting out in other areas of my mind. Such as my thoughts, fantasies and even including memories; which this has been a huge problem for me, my addiction or lust always takes me back to the past. To the past self, past relationship, past feelings, these are another "addictions" that I need to stop.

I also realized that I have not been 100% committed to my group, I think in all honesty I've tried lightly my meetings by getting there late and not be present in the introduction and sometimes in the group reading.

For what I have learned in the last year of attending to meetings, for me is essential participation because my brothers in group become my community, they have supported me when I have made the active choice of reaching out, and I hope I can do the same some day for someone like me.
Through this program I have obtained a sponsor that has been very supportive during my recovery and that essentially because of him, I was able to share my step 1 with my fellowship / brothers in recovery.

Jason, Jake, and Jordan.

After reading from the material above in the link, I realized that I need two kinds of boundaries: Positive boundaries and "No" boundaries

- I will attend to my 12 step meeting each week (even when I move, I can do it online)
- I will do daily step work
- I will contact my sponsor and brothers in recovery when I'm triggered, preoccupied, angry, upset or experiencing a very strong unmanageable emotion
- I will exercise in a time where is safer to be in the gym, which normally is early in the Morning during week days and Saturdays afternoons
- I will go to bed by 10:30 p.m. at the latest

- No pornography use or sexual material on YouTube
- No social media on my phone or alone (including LinkedIn)
- No lust or looking on website for pictures of "exes" of people that I know
- No comparing my wife's body to other women that I know or that I see
- No staying up late alone
- No cellphone alone in the bathroom when triggered

For me it means that I now understand that my recovery doesn't depends on my therapist, my sponsor, or my especially my wife. It depends on me to recover and to surrender when I'm triggered, angry or upset. It also means for me that I don't take impulsive decisions when I experience great emotions.

The statement that no one stays sober without a fellowship. It is an absolute. PERIOD. The reading was clear, if you dont have a fellowship, start one, join phone meetings, get involved, serve, etc.

We have to have people to whom to be honest, vulnerable and ask for help. I also loved the last statement that we became "worth it." We could be seen as sick, but worthwhile.

Gratefully, I am blessed with a long list of amazing men who I can contact at any time for support.

Daily step work
Daily contact with God
Daily contact with other addicts
Restrictions on social media
Restrictions on YouTube
No rater R or MA media without first previewing content

To me, it brings to mind the statement, "stand still and see the salvation of God." when I tried to do recovery all on my own I was removing God from the equations. I have to put boundaries and sometimes barriers in place to get myself to stop long enough to have the clarity of mind to turn myself over to God and then surrender to allow Him in to work His miracle in my life.