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Yes, I am very much looking forward to working the steps. I worked them once before and felt growth and improvement. The steps are hard and a lot of work, but I won't improve or progress without effort.

I hope my heart will change. I hope the compulsion to escape from life will ease. I hope my ability to cope with difficulties will improve. I hope I can become kinder and of greater service to people around me. These would all be miraculous gifts from God.

I am afraid that I will learn painful truths about myself. I am afraid that I will have to struggle a lot, that this is going to be really hard.

Small, daily bites are definitely better for me. I do struggle to be consistent in my recovery work, but learning to do so will help me a lot.

I want to be ready. I want to want to let go and turn my will over. My head tells me that's the right move and everything will be better for it. I know that's true. But my heart struggles with that. I want to turn over everything except for those few remaining things that I want to hold back. I still want to be selfish or proud or impatient at times. I want to avoid criticism or other's bad opinions. It's a real wrestle.

I have never worked this curriculum, so that will be new. I had a rigid schedule last time I worked the steps with ARP Support and it felt rushed and a little superficial at times, so I am hoping to ponder more and delve a little more deeply.

That's a great question. What am I willing to discard. I am willing to be open-minded about areas I need to change, to let go of the assumption that I am doing ok in any particular area of my character or life. I am also willing to discard the idea that I can skip my daily connection with God and not suffer consequences. I need to intentionally reach out to heaven daily.

Yes, because I'm ready to start making good progress here after almost a year of coming to group

I hope to learn and to stay connected to SAL and my recovery.

I'm not afraid.

I think I'll end up not doing daily work. I will try to though. It would likely increase my self awareness

Absolutely. I want it gone. I let myself live in addiction and porn mindlessly for years and surrounded it with lies. I need it gone. I want to change how I live life and be a man who is authentically a good man.

Dailies. Group. Reading and learning. Doing thew work of recovery.

I've left behind a lot through my boundaries. I'm leaving behind comfort and ease for a more active and decision driven way of life.

Yes, I am looking forward to working the Steps because I know that I need to take that approach to be fully accountable for my past actions and to stay committed to a positive recovery. I have been in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Addiction Recovery Program from about March 2021 - March 2022 and began SALifeline in March 2022.

I hope to learn about different strategies that will help me cope with my addiction and the stress that comes from living my life every day. Instead of acting out, I want to find positive ways to deal with stress, trials, temptations and other conditions (BLAST - boredom, loneliness, apathy, stress, and temptation) in my life.

I am not really afraid, but I believe that if I commit to daily, regular connection with my God and the holy scriptures, together with my stepwork that I will fall back into bad patterns that lead to acting out.

When I commit to daily actions, sometimes I do them and sometimes I get lazy and do not do them. So, I just need to incorporate stepwork into my daily routine. I know from my own experience thus far and from the example of others that "it works when I work it."

Yes - I am preparing for full-time missionary service with my wife and I am prepared to surrender everything - my time, my talents, my weaknesses, my addictions, and everything else to God. I need this for myself and my wife and for everyone else I will meet and serve.

I have the education, tools, support, and desire to engage in positive recovery. I have already developed many new habits, routines, boundaries, and strategies to help me overcome situations that have caused me challenges in the past.

I am willing to leave behind my escape into pornography, masturbation, fantasy and lust to carve out a new path for healthy recovery. I am willing to put my relationship with God and my wife above all things, including escaping or numbing out with inappropriate outlets.

Yes. For 13 years now I have never reached long term recovery. I have never maintained a lifestyle of recovery. I have never become a man who is honest day in and day out or humble enough to surrender everyday. I have always gone back to delusions and thinking that I do not need to do the steps anymore.

I hope to become a man who is honest, accountable, trustworthy, connected to God, connected to others, connected to myself, and one who works everyday at recovery, and full of love and compassion for myself and my wife and children

That I will do what I always do and that is: That I work real hard for a month or two and then slack off and eventually stop working the program and return to depression, fear, anxiety, dishonesty, and that I return to acting out to escape the painful feelings of life.

Anytime I have worked the steps and been honest then I have been blessed with sobriety and connection. Everytime I have stopped working the steps I have relapsed and felt more pain. They work if I work them.

You know what I really hope so. My addiction has been my escape or release or my go to for years when I am in pain and without fail it has been reliable for temporary relief but also increased long term pain and suffering. I am ready after a week where I relapsed twice and lost complete control to turn my will completely over to God. My will, my thinking, and my ways have not worked up to this point and in fact I have only gotten way worse when I stop working the program.

I will maximize recovery every day and make it my priority everyday. The day I stop doing recovery is the day I relapse and lose my freedom, peace, and amazing connection. Recovery Work is hard but it actually gives me what I truly want and that is freedom, peace, and connection.

I am willing to leave behind my obession to manipluate my wife into being okay or to not have her get angry and to surrender my obession that I can eventually do less work and be healed and not have to actually work the program or to have to be humble everyday and honest everyday. I will give up my false hopes of being a "normal" and that my new normal has to be recovery as the #1 in my life. My wife is no longer my number #1. Because really its me being co-dependant and never really being honest that I am using her approval and happiness that I am enough and that will never work long term.

Yes. I previously attempted to work the steps, but didn’t feel like I completed the process. I was unsure of how to do it and did not receive much guidance. I feel like I still have a lot of work to do on myself to continue my healing and recovery.

I hope that I learn to be a more honest person. To be able to accept myself first and foremost and be more willing to show my true self to those around me. I hope to develop more humility and stop being a victim in life.

I guess my biggest fear would be that I don’t learn the lessons that I need to learn to keep healing and recovering. I also have some fear about my ability to stay committed to this over time. I tend to have very good intentions but to get easily distracted with the many things that I have going on.

I feel that I need to stay grounded and committed to this as a daily activity. I have no doubt that it will work for me if I am willing to work the program.

Yes. I have endured a lot of pain in my life related to my addiction. Also, I have inflicted a lot of pain to those that I love most including Amy and my kids. I recognize that I need God’s help to become a better person. I believe that is the only way that I will truly recover in the long run.

I will be more consistent. I think it will help that Amy has expressed a desire to co-parent together but take time to work on ourselves. It feels like she is giving me permission to really focus on this, regardless of how much time or effort it requires.

I am willing to leave behind my tendency to control outcomes and feel in control of everything. I am willing to sacrifice time and energy on a daily basis. I am willing to ask for help when I need it. I am willing to be more open and honest with Amy through this process.

I am looking forward to the steps because I no longer want to feel lost in my life. I want to become a better person and feel happy and proud of who I am. My addiction is destroying my marriage and family and I want to take control of my life and the feelings which lead me to where I am today.

I hope that I might find acceptance of my addiction, my flaws, my upbringing and my past. I hope in letting go all this stress, pain, and weight that I carry I can finally find happiness and direction in my life. I am so used to hiding from myself, my feelings, and my pain that I have grown numb and now I am lost. This is what keeps leading me on the path of addiction and I want to be a better man for me, my wife, and my kids. I want to look forward to every day and not look for every which way to escape.

That my wife will find her breaking point and leave with the kids and that I will relapse and my addiction will get worse. I am so obsessed with micromanaging myself that I just want to know what the right things to do are and the right mindset to have.

I need structure and direction. I am used to depending solely on myself and hiding away from others thinking I can handle it all on my own. I realize that's not healthy and I want to be responsible and take action with my recovery, so I hopefully never lead back to that lifestyle.

I am ready however I need this direction because I need to relearn what God is and represents. My past is filled with distorted ideas of God and those who raised me weaponized religion to shape who I am. I need to learn what a healthy relationship with God is and how faith can help steer me on a better path to not just recovery, but happiness as well.

For years I've been taking the weight of recovery on myself saying I would get better and going through the motions, never really giving an effort to get better. I am tired of depression and feeling hopeless and not in control of my life and I don't want my negligence to cost me everything I care about.

Porn, lying, gaslighting, shame & self-loathing mindset, objectification, my temper, holding onto past mistakes & what I can't control, anger for how I got where I am, hiding away from the world, and low self esteem.

Yes. I have been attending meetings for over 14 months now. I have had many relapse during this time. I have been able to reach step 4 with the help of my sponsor. I want to start this online 12 step study tool to help make my efforts for consistent and effective.

I hope to learn what it means to stay in and work my recovery. As I am humble, honest, and accountable, I hope to be lead by God and others to live in recovery, change my heart and habits, have better relationships; especially with my wife and kids. I hope to progress as a husband and father. I hope to become a better person with higher standards, making better choices, and providing better for my family. I hope to face and overcome challenges in my life and help others do the same.

I afraid that I won't be able to change and lose everything.

I feel that I need to invest in my recovery instead of simply doing what others want me to do. I don't want to be dishonest in my recovery. I believe that if I am humble, honest, and accountable in my recovery that God will be able to change my heart.

Yes. My addictions are keeping me, my wife, and my children from living a joyous and free life. I want this more than anything. I am willing to give all I have to God so he can heal me. I know He can give me strength and the ability to live happy and fulfilling lives with my wife and family.

I will be humble, honest, and accountable.

Laziness, procrastination, pride, gaslighting, lust in all its forms, and fear.

To be honest, I feel a little bit of both excitement and dread. The dread comes from the fact that in the past, I've felt the steps weren't my favorite. Part of this was that I didn't love the environment of 12 step meetings. They can be difficult and sometimes it almost feels like the steps are a type of addiction in themselves. I didn't always connect well with the group of men that were in the groups or advocating the steps. I also struggled with sponsorship and being able to find someone I really connected with to help be my sponsor. All that said, the largest part of my reticence to work the steps stems from the fact that they are so nebulous. There was very little structure or consistency to what actually working the steps meant, which made it hard for me to know if I was doing it right or when to move on to the next part. Therein lies the excitement with trying it this way. I am grateful there is actually a measurable way for me to work on these and progress. Ii hope that I will be able to work through these in a meaningful way.

I really just want to get some long term sobriety and to be able to see the world for what it really is. I hope my anxiety goes down, my stress levels go down, I'm more able to come with emotional distress, and that I'm able to have more respect for women. I want to forge an eternal family and to be realistic about the world and about joy. I want to become more selfless and less self absorbed with the activities and things I enjoy, and focus on bringing that joy to others. I really want to be a hard worker and feel that I have the self discipline and motivation to do things that are difficult, give freely of myself and my own time and effort, and to lift and bless others, especially my family members and children.

I'm afraid that this will turn out like all the other things that i've tried. I keep on trying and working and praying and setting goals and changing things but I still relapse often. I also worry that those changes won't happen, that I'll continue to struggle with anxiety and fear. I also worry that I'll fail to eliminate addictive influences in my life, whether sexual or just others like food or entertainment. I am afraid of things not working out and me not getting better.

I used to think it wouldn't work partly because it felt nebulous. I really struggled to know how to work the steps and how to figure them out. I also struggle with long term daily activities, so I sometimes wonder if doing daily step work will actually be feasible. I like things to be done quickly with minimal effort (as a lot of people do), but unfortunately that's just not the way this works. My one other concern is that I don't always like recovery materials. Sometimes they are worded strangely or make me feel uncomfortable, so I want to make sure I can do it without feeling triggered or turning away from it when it's difficult or asks me to do something I don't like.

One thing that helps me to feel this will work is because it's clearly delineated. There is a clear path forward and a way to do it daily in manageable chunks.

I always think that I am. I really hope I am. There is a scripture in the Book of Mormon that talks about even having a desire to believe, and letting that desire work until it becomes real belief and continues to grow through nourishment. That's how I view my willingness to let go. My addiction has certainly helped me in stress management and has provided an escape. But I know in my heart that is not the kind of escape I want. Although there are tiny bits of me that might be holding on, I do want to let go because I know that will help me. It's scary to turn my will over completely to anyone. But I am willing to do what it takes to start. I'm willing to make this the focus of my life, and I believe that God will help me completely surrender to Him as I practice doing it over and over. I'm ready now because I look at my life and I see something I don't want. I look around and see what I do. I want a happy marriage. I want to confidently follow God and to keep my covenants. I want to be a hardworking, selfless, and dedicated man that excels at school, at work, AND at home. I want to have children and to raise them in a way where I can confidently say that I am a good example. I've had enough of the misery, uncertainty, and faithlessness that this brings. I am scared that it feels like there is a little bit in me that is scared of this question. But I do believe that effort breeds commitment, so at the very least I am committed to increased effort and prayer that my desire to COMPLETELY turn over my will comes as I do so. I don't want life to get any worse in order to get me to that point, I want to choose to make that point now in my life. I choose to be in control of my will, and I choose to turn it over to God.

Consistency. I will be consistent. I will do this, scripture study, exercise (15 min) and prayer every single day. Even if that means walking around at 2 AM. Even if that means missing assignments or TBL. I can do those 4 things every day for a year. And I think I will get better and better and stronger as I do so. That I can commit to. I'll share it also with my loved ones and eventually my sponsor. I'm also willing to talk to a sponsor.

I think the most important thing that I am willing to leave behind is my own comfort. I'm willing to let go of some things I like (certain forms or volume of entertainment, devices if necessary, whatever it takes) and start some things I don't (daily step work, exercise, working with a sponsor/therapist, going to meetings). I am willing to do things that make me uncomfortable. I'm also wiling to do what I can to leave behind anxiety and fear and negativity. This will be the hardest of all, but it is necessary if I'm going to make a full recovery.

It’s daunting. I’ve been looking forward to work the steps in a more organized way. I feel I want to do this and I hope God can help me thru this journey. I want healing, I want to repent.

I hope to become the man that God wants me to be. A husband that my wife can trust and love. A father who can be worthy of the Spirit to guide his family

Failure. I’m afraid if finding something that I can’t do either because it’s too hard or it imposes some extreme situation. Im mostly afraid of the I known

Daily work will help me to stay clean and focused into improvement

I am ready to let go of my addiction in many aspects in some I feel weird because I fear that I won’t have coping mechanisms well built yet to deal with life in general

Structure and a sponsor. I’ve needed a program, I’ve needed a step by step work. And a sponsor, someone I can go to discuss my step work

Yes! I’m willing to leave behind what’s holding me back to be a better myself for my God and my family, my community, my job

The answer hear is mixed. I am looking forward to doing the work that is going to help me recover and overcome my issues. I do feel overwhelmed thinking about the need to do this the rest of my life. The fact that this is never over makes me feel like I will always be in bondage in one way or another. There are so many things I am trying to do in my life and I am burning the candle at both ends. Thinking about doing this the rest of my life is very daunting and will inevitably slow down my other goals. All that being said, I understand that this is the most important thing that I need to be doing for myself, for my marriage and my family. It doesn't take the pain away of what I have to sacrifice to do it, though.

I hope that I will be able to overcome lust in such a way that it doesn't have power over me anymore.

I am afraid that over time the pain of what has happened will fade and the memories will diminish and I will fall back into a relapse again. I am also afraid of not accomplishing my other life goals because of all the attention I have to put into recovering from my addiction.

I definitely feel that it will be a big help to me. My last relapse was a big wakeup call and I am hoping that I can use the momentum I have and that working the steps in this very structured and guided way will keep me moving in a positive direction to overcome my destructive addictive tendencies.

Yes, I am ready. There is always that part of the addiction that tries to put fear in you, but I know what I need to do. I have wasted too much of my life and lost so many things I could have had if I didn't have this addiction. Why now? Because I can better see now that this isn't something that I can put behind me after getting to a good place. I will always have to be working on myself and keeping myself from falling back into my old ways.

This time I will not be waiting for the "end" of my recovery work so I can put this all behind me and move on with my life. This time I realize that I have to continue to work on myself in order to keep myself from falling back into my addictive tendencies.

I am willing to leave behind my insatiable desire for lust and sexual activity. I am willing to leave behind my pride that I do not need to be in a "rehab center" forever. The belief that I am not as bad as others and I can overcome this without dedicating so much of my life to recovery.

I feel like I am looking forward to working the steps, however, I'm also afraid of my own weakness and I know that I struggle to begin new daily habits. I understand this is an essential step in my recovery journey, though, and I am willing to put forth the effort it will take to cultivate those habits and develop the skills I need to succeed.

There are many things that I hope to achieve while working through the steps but one of the things that I desire most strongly is to learn to develop the ability to be courageously honest with myself and others.

I think that the thing that I fear the most is that I will fail in my efforts and that I will end up loosing everything that is most dear to me.

I feel like having a step by step process that is broken down into manageable segments will be beneficial to me, and will afford me the ability to feel like I am capable of following through without becoming overwhelmed.

I want to be ready to let go of my addiction. I am tired of allowing my addiction have power over my life and being so afraid of what others will think that I feel like I have to lie in order to cover up my behavior. I want to turn my will over to God and allow him to guide my life in the direction that he sees will be the most beneficial and productive.

The biggest thing that I plan to change in my efforts this time is to cultivate honest in my efforts and to keep open lines of communication about my recovery efforts and where I am at with my daily struggles.

As I begin to practice this new normal, I am willing to leave behind my fear and pride and to work towards learning new patterns for living.

Yes and no. I am scared but also hopeful, scared that I am going to somehow get it wrong even if I give it my all and scared of change even though my current life is totally unmanageable which it in fact is.

That I get over myself and learn to value what is real important in life

That I will never “get it” If that makes sense

I feel like it’s the only thing that has a chance of working but the fear remains

I don’t know. Why now? If not now then when? Never? I guess I’d rather try and fail than not try at this moment

That’s an excellent question, I think the efforts will answer that better than words, I’ve given a lot of meaningless words.

Pretending that working the steps can wait, I am willing to give up that notion and give up the idea that my current way of life is capable of keeping me sane and sober.

Yes! I believe that if I fully apply the principles in this program and rely wholly on the grace of God and the atonement of his son Jesus Christ, I can overcome my addictions and become the person he wants me to be!!!

That I will confront myself and understand who I have become and learn how to let God control my life and become the husband and father that I want to be!

That I will fail and loose my wife and family. Loose other positive things in my life and be exposed to the public.

I feel that will work for me if I genuinely put forth the required effort and through relying on God, my wife and my fellow brothers!!

Yes! I have tried to do it by myself and with some help from others and realize it is the only way!

I am getting everything out in the open and am going to stop Lying!

My pride, my addictions, and use the time spent and money spent doing them to make recompense for the pain and suffering I have caused to wife and family!

Yes. I want more peace in my life.

I become more willing and able to do God's work.

I will see things about me that I don't like.

Because it always works. I see it in others. I have felt it.

Yes. I want to live in peace with those around me.

More structure. Willingness. Drive to succeed.

Lust. Desire. Fantasy.

Yes. I have done many things to try to stop which have not been effective. I am willing to try anything so I can experience a spiritual transformation that will lead to lasting change.

Change my behavior to reflect God's will for me. Experience true happiness as I strive to make changes. I also want to increase in my desire to change not out of fear, but with a stronger motivation that will remain constant.

Become fatigued from step work to the point where I stop working the steps. That or just become complacent, lazy, or otherwise no longer interested or invested in completing the steps. I am also afraid of opening old wounds as I dig up the past and deal with those emotions and memories.

From my experience, when I tried to do recovery passively, it wasn't helpful and I relapsed. So I am brought here, prepared to do what it takes to get better. If what is recommended is daily step work, then so be it, and I look forward to learning more about my addiction and what recovery looks like.

Yes, more than ever. My addiction has progressed to a new and dangerous point where I was considering a "real" extramarital affair. The fear and the pain of losing my family and my relationship with my wife has exceeded any pain or fear that may be experienced as I begin recovery.

This time, I have set the expectation of going to a minimum of two meetings per week and completing step work on a daily basis. Seeing the effect my addiction has had on family, I am willing to do whatever it takes to live a different kind of life where my addiction isn't jeopardizing my relationships with family.

Certainly the manifestations of my addiction, including pornography, masturbation, seeking extramarital sex, using my wife as just a sex object, and lusting after others. I am willing to leave behind anything else that may be a barrier to sobriety, which may include restrictions to some internet sites or social media. I realize it also may include changing my morning and bedtime routines. I may have to leave behind time spent on hobbies or other areas of my life so I can focus on recovery.

I am very much looking forward to working the steps. I am finally able to use all the energy I have been using for decades to conceal and rationalize to a healthy life of recovery and healing. I have an underlying sense of hope, even excitement for the chance to be a better man and to rebuild the relationships in my life.

I am hopeful for tools and routines that will enable me to live a better life. A life free from shame and regret. I am looking forward to understanding my true self and learning to rely on God and my Savior to fight the fight I am unable to fight on my own. I am also looking forward to helping others and to truly turn this weakness into a strength.

At this point, I don't have any fears. I am done caring about what other people think of me. The peace that has come with full transparency and vulnerability has been amazingly freeing.

I do feel that they can be part of my everyday routine moving forward. I have habits of daily study and this is something that can be incorporated along with those things.

As I learn more about myself and my addiction, I understand that I cannot do it alone. I have been fooling myself thinking that it was just a matter of will power. I am ready to do whatever I need to do to be free from the shame and guilt and the vicious addictive cycle that I have been living with. I am done hurting those I love. My wife and 5 children have been impacted enough. Being separated from my wife and seeing the trauma I have caused her has given me the perspective necessary to fully commit to the changes I need to make.

Everything is different this time. No one ever knew I had issues. My father (who died in 2000) and various church leaders over the years were the only ones who knew until I told my wife my struggles after we were married for about a year and a half. I have opened up to so many people and have received so much love and support. My children all know, my mother and father-in-law know, all of my wife's siblings and their spouses know, several of my closest friends now. I have confessed to multiple church leaders and am experiencing the changing heart that comes from humble repentance. I have sought the aid of therapists for the first time in my life. I have attended multiple groups of fellow addicts (both online and in-person) and reached out to many. I am fully committed to working the 12 steps and living a life of healthy sobriety and recovery. Everything is different this time.

Honestly, whatever is necessary to leave behind.

Yes I am, absolutely. I have had a serious problem for a very long time, and was never able to seek out help because of weakness, shame, and guilt, and not realizing the extent of the problem until it came to light -- from friends, family or loved ones. It had developed into an issue that needs professional help. I don't want to live like this anymore. I thought I could do this on my own, I thought I had the strength to overcome my sexual and pornography addiction but I cannot. And I have hurt the only person who really matters in my life because of this.

I hope that I develop practical skills that will help me get over and heal my addiction. I hope that I develop the strength to keep this moving forward. I also hope these steps will help me in practical ways with another indulgence issue I experience which is food.

I am afraid that I might fail. I am afraid that even if I succeed, the person I love most will be too hurt and upset from what has happened to continue to love me and be in a relationship with me. I am afraid I could end up alone for the rest of my life. I am afraid I will lose everything that truly matters.

I feel this will work for me because I don't want to live the way I do anymore. I am committed. I am physically sick from what I have done and I need to change, otherwise I don't know how I will go on. I have no other options.

I am really ready. I thought I could handle my addiction on my own before, but I was too weak and too far ingrained in the habit that has formed from 18 years of addiction.

I have hurt the person I love most 3 times now, with my action, with my dishonesty, and my lying and cheating behind her back with this condition.

I am dedicating myself to professional help and programs. I will follow these diligently. I don't want anything else in life other than to repair the damage I have done to myself and to the love of my life. I have never felt this way about changing and I want to change once and for all.

Everything. I will leave behind everything that I need to leave behind to practice a new normal.








I have been in "recovery" for 10 years. The most time I have spent sober was 2 years. Looking at what I have done/not done I found I have been inconsistent with doing the steps and counseling. What I had two years, I was regularly going to counseling and attending meetings but still inconsistent step work beyond the first step.

I hope to change as a person. To better myself in all aspects of my life aside from just recovery. To rebuild trust in my marriage. To become a person whose outside matches the inside with no secret life. To rid myself of shame. To be better able to confront life's challenges without reaching for sexually acting out as a solution.

I'm afraid I won't be able to find recovery or sobriety. I have been working on this for many years and can't seem to find a solution. I am determined to do all I can to change my behavior and improve myself.

It will keep the importance of recovery on the forefront of my mind. It will provide tools for overcoming everyday life challenges without reaching for my "drug." For the first time in my "recovery" I will use a sponsor to guide me through the steps. Someone who has lots of sobriety under their belt.

YES!!!! Because I have hurt my wife too much. I'm tired of being controlled by my desires. I'm through living a secret life.

I will include all facets of recovery...
1. Sponsor
2. Step Work
3. Meetings
4. Mental Health Counselor

The only thing I am uncertain about is approaching church leadership. Last time I was disfellowshipped I didn't find much value in it other than feeling shamed.

Every lustful behavior. Triggers and rituals that seemed to help but really were hurting me. My old way of living that including looking for daily lust hits, seeking out anything sexual to read, look at etc...

I am a little anxious about working the steps. I'm worried that I won't be committed 100% - I don't want to start and stop. I want to be a green light the whole time. I want to improve my relationship with God, surrender the blockades and hurdles that stand between Him and me. I want to find recovery and some sanctuary from the brutal forces of addiction. I know a lot of men have found recovery in these steps, and for that, I am excited to begin to follow down the same trail.

I hope that as I work the steps, I increase in humility and my ability to let God into my life. I hope that by working the steps I have more access to God's power. I hope that I begin to turn away from my addiction in new and promising ways.

I'm afraid that I won't commit. I'm afraid that I'll be prideful and disagree with material and therefore not let it into my heart.

If I don't start doing this daily, I'm afraid it will never become a true quest of mine. The fact of the matter is, currently I only work on recovery on the days I slip up. I want to be in recovery every single day so that I can begin to double down on the addiction and finally take this seriously.

I am recently married, and I don't want to create pain and suffering for myself and my wife. I want our marriage to flourish, free of the challenges and pains of addiction. Not because I don't want us to experience pain or challenges, but because addiction is soul-destroying and has damaging effects that sometimes last generations. I know that some of me still wants my addiction, but some of me wants God to step in and to be free of it.

I'm finally in a spot in life where my spiritual life isn't so ritualistic and rigid. I can take time every day to work on the 12 steps and now that I'm growing closer to God.

I don't know if anyone is ever completely ready, but I do want to begin.

I'm going to do it for myself. I don't want to have this weakness - I know it brings me down, and so I am going to recover for me. I know that even here in my answers I've mentioned spouse/family, but this time I'm going to try to think about the damage it's doing on me.

This time I'm going to work it daily. I'm not going to free-load at a local meeting, but rather I'm going to actively be contributing and working on things.

I am leaving behind my pride that this won't work.

I am leaving behind the belief that I don't deserve recovery.

I am leaving behind the belief that I'll never get over this.

I am leaving behind laziness, and not putting my recovery off until later.

I am leaving behind isolation, and striving daily for connection.

I am leaving behind efficiency, and focusing on intimacy with God.

Yes- I need so much help to understand what being in recovery means. It is not sobriety.

I stay sober
I learn to understand what recovery is.
I learn to better share with janee

I will get divorced and give up in recovery
I will get board

A new patern, consistancy works for me, a new habit to replace old habits
There is a proven track record that it works

YES- becaus my family is at stake

I have been completely honest in my confession this time. I am at ground zero, or am just about to be

All my sins, and pride, and

Yes, I am looking forward to working the Steps, because I want to be free from the addiction. I want to be in recovery and feel the serenity that comes from living in recovery.

I hope my thought patterns and faulty belief systems change. I hope I can break the cycle of addiction

I am afraid it might not work long-term...

So far, having 3 weeks of sobriety, I have felt more at peace with myself and have had a clear mind. I feel taking time each day to work on my recovery will - over time - change my behavior and thought patterns

Absolutely. I have waited for far too long. I was brought to earth with my latest arrest. My life is unmanageable, and I am powerless over my addiction.

I have started seeing a counselor, attending meetings, working with Bishop, meeting with Jeff, I now have a sponsor. Everything is different this time.

I am willing to leave behind old thought patterns, old coping mechanisms, pornography, masturbation, exhibitionism, pride, secrecy, lies, self-loathing, negative thoughts and beliefs

Yes, absolutely

To gain further insight into recovery and living a more balanced and congruent life.

I won't be consistent

It is something that I need to be continually engaged in and writing is the best way to work the steps.

Yes. Working through the steps is something I will continue to do.

Doing so with good sobriety and recovery tools.

Expectations and perfection.

I am in a good place and I dont want to revert back to bad behaviors because I havent done the work.

I hope to gain a comprehensive understanding of the addiction

I am afraid that I may become complacent and not do my daily work

Working the steps daily will keep me focused on who I want to be.

I am ready to surrender my facades and be real in life.

I am ready

The walls and the lies,