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150 Days of Daily Step Work to Keep You Moving Forward…

Welcome to the SAL Women’s Daily Curriculum

We encourage anyone who feels they might benefit from additional  structure to sign up today and get full access to the Women’s 12-Step Curriculum course.

150 days of bite-sized reading/writing to complete all 12 Steps.

Each day you can expect to spend approximately 5 minutes in the readings, and 15-20 minutes on the writing assignments.

Working recovery and living in recovery is a lifestyle change– a lifelong pursuit–a daily practice. “It works when I work it, and I am worth it.”

The Women’s 12 Step Curriculum utilizes the S-Anon Blue Book, S-Anon Green Book, and the S.A.Lifeline Women’s Discussion Board. If you need to buy the S-Anon materials, you may purchase them here.

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How to Use the 12-Step Curriculum

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