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What to Expect at an SAL 12-Step Meeting

SAL 12-Step is a traditional, spiritually based, non-denominational, gender-specific, trauma-sensitive, sponsor-essential, 12-step program for men and women experiencing unwanted sexual behavior and betrayal trauma. A consistent format is an important and unique element of the SAL 12-Step program. No matter which meeting is attended, in-person or online, members can expect a familiar experience.

Each SAL 12-Step group is autonomous but is required to adhere to the format and use approved scripts and readings. Meetings occur weekly at the same time and same place. Meetings start on time and end on time. Group moderators read from authorized scripts. Meetings last 90 minutes and include four segments. See descriptions for segments below.

The Meeting Segments

1. Opening - 25 minutes

Call to order reading; opening prayer from the heart; opening readings, introductions (online participants must be onscreen for their brief introduction for safety of the group); recognize sobriety milestones with chips; announcements; and group business.

2. Step Study or occasional topic study - 30 minutes

Members read aloud from the approved material list. Members offer comments that are relevant to the topic. Such comments are brief and are based on personal experiences of strength and hope. Step study is intended to guide the group to a meaningful recovery-based discussion.

3. Member shares - 30 minutes

Shares may include personal religious experiences; however, proselytizing is not appropriate. Respect of all religious beliefs is fundamental to group unity. Shares are recovery-based and should take approximately 2 to 3 minutes or may be longer for smaller groups. Sharing is always voluntary.

4. Closing - 5 minutes

The last five minutes includes silent goal setting and personal reflection on recovery commitments; closing readings; and a prayer from the heart, offered for the group by a member. (To read more about SAL 12-Step meetings and guidelines, see pages 303 - 336 in the SAL Recovering Individuals, Healing Families book).


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