Men’s Step 2 – Day 8 Copy

This is where we begin to write out our Step 2 inventory.


It’s important to work your inventory one column at a time and not try to work each situation out all at once.


Inventory work can also be a triggering experience.


We want to make sure that reading and studying recovery materials continues to be a part of our daily recovery.


We suggest setting a timer for 15 min to do some reading and study, and then restarting it for another 15 min to work on your inventory as well.


Why a Step 2 Inventory?

“This inventory is meant to help us consider what wrong ideas we may have developed about our Higher Power from interactions with the people in our lives that had power or influence over us. Our relationships with these people may well have shaped our attitudes and concepts of higher powers – even if we don’t realize it.


“Discussing this inventory with our sponsor helps us realize how past experiences may have planted some wrong ideas into our minds.


“These old ideas may need to be discarded and replaced before we will even consider surrendering to a Higher Power in Step Three.” (Step Into Action, p. 37)


Here is a link to the Step 2 Inventory Spreadsheet:


Column 1 – List Powerful / Influential People



Reading Assignment:


Step Into Action, p. 37-42


Writing Assignment: