2021 S.A. Lifeline Conference Video




Top experts from across the nation presented
at the 2021 S.A.Lifeline Conference

If you weren’t able to attend this years S.A. Lifeline Conference, we have good news for you – the event was professionally recorded!

With this course, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Learn from the leading specialists in the field
  • Hear from individuals who have been working recovery for years
  • Discover the science behind addiction, trauma, and the recovery essentials you need to find healing
  • Gain a deeper understanding into addiction, trauma, and what it really takes to find recovery

What you can expect at the 2021 S.A. Lifeline Fall Conference

Morning Session:

  • Welcome – Rhyll & Steven Croshaw
  • Keynote Speaker – Jay Stringer
  • Keynote Speaker – Stefanie Carnes

Afternoon Session:

  • Stefanie Carnes Breakout Session
  • Jay Stringer Breakout Session
  • Amanda Christensen
  • Christine R & Mike R
  • Q&A