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Power of Twelve is a 29 week course held on Thursday evenings at 8:30 pm, MDT that includes:

  • a weekly online meeting (in addition to your regular 12 step meeting)
  • a weekly phone contact with an accountability partner
  • an accelerated Step Work curriculum to move you through all 12 steps in the allotted time 

Power of Twelve works best as you focus on one particular aspect of your life and apply the Steps around that particular defect or asset.

We accept all applications for Power of Twelve but suggest the following criteria:

  • have attended SAL meetings consistently for at least 6 months
  • have worked through Step 4 and completed Step 5 with an SAL sponsor.  If you have worked the Steps with a sponsor from another program, we suggest that you re-share your Step 4 with an SAL sponsor to get their additional feedback and perspective.
  • a strong desire to work the Steps and deepen your recovery

We will collect applications and be in contact with applicants about current and future Power of 12 opportunities.  Power of 12 courses are run by SAL members who volunteer their time.  New groups will be organized as we find members willing to run them, according to the date and time they select. If the current offering does not work for you, you will be contacted with the next opportunity. We hope to be able to accommodate all members who wish to participate in a Power of 12 with a time that will work for their schedule.

Power of 12 is a paid course.  Your one-time fee of $75 goes entirely toward the cost of maintaining online platforms, creating new courses, and sustaining the work of the Foundation.  Our hope is that with this financial investment, you will also feel a greater commitment to make the most of this powerful recovery experience.

As a participant of Power of 12, you will receive:

  • Powerful recovery experiences as you see God working in your life
  • An increased support network of people who are serious about recovery
  • A marked improvement in your conscious contact with God as you understand Him
  • A deeper spiritual awakening as the result of working these Steps thoroughly and consistently
  • A greater desire to carry this message to others, and to practice these principles in all you do
  • A simple curriculum to aid and deepen your accelerated Step work
  • A unique gift from sal12step.org at the completion of the course

The current Women’s Power of 12 Course will be held on Thursday evenings at 8:30pm.

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