Introduction for newcomer's

We welcome you to SAL Twelve Step Women's Betrayal Trauma Recovery Meetings and want you to know that we understand the pain, confusion, and trauma you have experienced. We have felt very similar feelings. As a group we have discovered that by supporting and helping each other and actively working the 12 steps for our own recovery, we have found peace, serenity, and direction that we did not know existed.
Many of us came believing that we did not need our own recovery and hoped that if someone or we could convince our sex addict to change, then all the difficulties in our families would be solved. However, we have come to know that no amount of control, convincing, talking, manipulating, or sacrifice on our part can change our loved ones. Therefore, this meeting is to benefit and bring clarity and peace to your life. Most of us came for support and within 6-8 weeks realized that support was not the only thing we needed. Recovery and healing from the effects upon us of another person’s addictive choices became a necessary focus.
Some of us came to these meetings feeling like victims and certainly were victimized by lies and deceit. However, we keep coming back and work our 12 Steps with a sponsor and learn to become strengthened and become true to ourselves and to God. Many of us have found through these meetings, “a beautiful gift in an ugly package.” For that reason we encourage you to come at least 6 times to determine whether this feels right for you. We also encourage you to choose a sponsor that will be able to guide you through the 12 steps and working your healing process.